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Ricky Jackson is a one-stop fitness spot for strength training and conditioning, personal training, in-home training, and group boot camp training. We were honored to be named the Houston's Awards Program and Better Business Bureau (BBB) 2014 & 15 Houston Personal Trainer of the Year, and we've only improved our services and offerings since then.

We now provide strength training and conditioning services that are specific to certain sports, including baseball, softball, distance running, track and field, volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, boxing, golf and soccer. We also train bodybuilders and offer body weight training programs. This sports-specific training ensures that our athletes are training the right muscle groups for peak performance and endurance on "game day." Not many fitness training companies in Houston provides such specialized services.

Over the last year, we've focused even more strongly on meeting our customers' needs, wherever they are. We offer personal training in our gym or in the client's home; some people feel self-conscious at the gym or just don't like the gym environment, so we go to them and help them work out in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Our personal trainers work with young people, adults and the elderly; our youngest clients are in elementary school, and our oldest clients are in their 70s. We create individualized training plans for each client, assessing their individual abilities and needs to help them improve their strength and fitness safely. It's inspiring to see our elderly clients' commitment to staying fit and healthy! We also offer small-group personal training sessions, so friends or family members can work out together, or new arrival can receive personal training at a more affordable price -- and perhaps meet some new friends in the process.


As the founder of Ricky Jackson, I feel proud that my company is helping hundreds of Houston locals to stay fit and healthy. We're constantly innovating and bringing the latest science and equipment into the gym, but the basics remain the same -- to improve your fitness and strength, you need to put in some hard work. My staff and I are there to motivate our customers to push themselves a little further every time they work out.

After more than 30 years as a professional athlete and collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coach, you'd think I'd be sick of all things fitness. Instead, I feel like the luckiest man in the world watching my clients achieve new personal bests every day.

As a humanitarian, Ricky Jackson has demonstrated an altruistic attitude by donating his time and energy to incalculable community organizations. He was awarded the Positive Influential African American Male Award and the Young Black Achiever Award. Former city of Houston Mayor Bob Lanier recognized him with a "Ricky Jackson Day" proclamation. Former city councilman Orlando Sanchez also presented him with a certificate of appreciation for the outstanding accomplishment of receiving the highest award attainable from the state of Texas in heavyweight boxing.

With Ricky's many years of collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaching and personal training, he has developed regimens that will push the limits on the physical capability of each individual he trains through fitness. Getting each client to his or her own optimal fitness level in the shortest period of time is always Ricky's goal and objective.

Ricky's boxing training programs are designed to teach the fundamental skills of the sweet science of boxing, such as jabbing, combinations, boxing stance, shadow boxing techniques, hand-pad drills, along with heavy bag and speed bag exercises. Boxing is the one of the best fitness-related activity for both youth and adults to develop balance and coordination and improve your strength and conditioning deficits.

His experiences are as follows:

  • Memorial Herman Wellness Center Certified Personal Trainer
  • Member of National Strength and Conditioning Association NSCA
  • Member of Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association CSCCA

Award-Winning Personal Trainer Ricky Jackson


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